Foods You Should Avoid on Vacation


Don’t let foodborne sickness or tummy troubles destroy your getaway! Keep away from these meals and drinks to remain on the protected facet.

Uncooked shellfish

Raw oyster with ice and lemon on a dark background. Top view.GoncharukMaks/Shutterstock

A seaside trip could seem to be an invite to get pleasure from a platter of uncooked seafood—don’t do it. “Keep away from uncooked oysters and all different uncooked shellfish, which may make you actually sick and destroy your trip,” says Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, a registered dietitian in Boston. Uncooked and sure undercooked shellfish, comparable to clams and mussels, can current a danger of vibriosis—an an infection that will end in loss of life, in accordance with the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC). “Cooking shellfish correctly destroys the germs that trigger sickness—so don’t keep away from all seafood, simply keep away from the uncooked variety,” says Ward. Be taught to acknowledge the eight indicators of meals poisoning.

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Faucet water

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Water is water, proper? Incorrect. Water can comprise microorganisms which might be international to your gastrointestinal tract, particularly in growing international locations. In Latin America, Africa, the Center East, and Asia, there’s a larger danger of water being contaminated with micro organism, fecal matter, and parasites. “When touring to areas of the world which might be new to your intestine, it’s greatest to stay with bottled water and filtered water,” says Niket Sonpal, MD, an assistant professor of medical medication at Touro School of Osteopathic Drugs in New York Metropolis. Sure, this implies it is best to brush your enamel with bottled water! And buy bottled water from a retailer you belief, as dishonest distributors could promote faucet water in bottles sealed with glue.

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Uncooked produce

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Except a vegetable or fruit has a thick peel, comparable to a banana, you’ll wish to keep away from uncooked produce in areas the place the water isn’t protected to drink. This implies skipping salads and salsas made with raw tomatoes, onions, and/or peppers—and opting as an alternative for cooked fruits and veggies. “Whilst you’re curled over the bathroom cursing the new canine or seafood you ate, the accompanying lettuce or tomato may have been the actual wrongdoer,” says Sonpal. See the meals you don’t notice can provide you meals poisoning.

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