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We surveyed dozens of individuals within the restaurant biz on what they by no means, ever contact, whether or not it’s to keep away from outrageous markup, meals poisoning, or germ minefields. Look ahead to these offenders.

Iceberg lettuce

Tasty Iceberg Lettuce Wedge, Topped with Tomatoes, Blue Cheese and BaconS. M. Beagle/Shutterstock

The iceberg wedge salad is likely one of the trade’s greatest rip-offs. Consider that iceberg lettuce is about 98 p.c water, and it’s straightforward to see why. “It’s marked up a minimum of 20 occasions,” says Peter Chastain, govt chef and proprietor of California’s Prima Ristorante. Plus, germs can conceal inside lettuce’s cracks, corners, and edges. “You suppose lemons in water are soiled? The salads are filthy,” Cannon says. Even when eating places do resolve to scrub their greens, the lettuce is commonly served soggy, which is large pink flag—standing water combined with lukewarm, mayo-based dressing is a catastrophe ready to occur.

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You would possibly suppose best-selling gadgets have excessive turnover. However to maintain up with demand, fast-food eating places and another locations pre-make their high sellers, which supplies these wrapped and bagged selections loads of time to develop food-borne diseases. As a substitute, go for the much less fashionable choices which usually tend to be ready to order, says Howard Cannon, CEO of Restaurant Professional Witness and writer of The Full Fool’s Information to Beginning A Restaurant, who provides, “Something sitting in holding, lined with mayonnaise, might be not that nice.” No matter, you do, don’t order these eight dishes which might be mainly a coronary heart assault on a plate.

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